NCS Z-tools.he ACLView

NCS Z-tools.he ACLView 1.4

Manages and customizes NTFS permissions
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1.4.104 (See all)
Native Computer Systems
Edit the list of restricted operations, drive sections and files restricted for access in an operating system using NTFS algorithms and structures. The suite accesses and controls all NTFS permissions and enables possible ownership for anybody and any object on the file system.

Total control and unlimited management capabilities for NTFS permissions.
Original and convenient user interface.
Alternative approach to assigning owners for objects. Setting any owner for a object.
The ACL Discovery submodule allow visually to browse and supervise access to objects.
100% Windows XP Home Edition compatibility.
The access control lists (ACL) management in the given software product is based on a different approach from the standard. It is expressed in more convenient data presentation, according to their real arrangement in ACL. You can set object permissions as is determined at a level operational system. All flags are accessible to you, and their names same as in the technical documentation. You can read in more detail about each flag of access in corresponding references or to take advantage of the built-in assistant. You can keep ACL in a file of format XML and then use it repeatedly.

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